Halloween Fun!

We had a blast creating spooky stations for Trilogy’s Halloween Party (forgive the crude photos, there was no fancy photographer there to capture the moment). From “Baked Bones” and “Fungus Salads” to “Dead Man’s Ribs” with “Moldy Mashers,” guests experienced some extraordinarily gross fare.

Baked Bones4377750-R1-038-17A

Our Fall Tasting Event

Want to know what your vendors are doing after the party is over? We are being darn silly in Mike Larson’s photobooth. At our Fall Tasting event, our guests were introduced to our new verticle appetizer buffet and Panacea’s lush floral”centerpieces” suspended over our lazy susan displayed tapas. Larson’s photobooth was a huge hit and everyone left with a little memento from our lovely Sunday gathering.


MLP_5587.JPGPhootbooth Pictures.JPG

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